Ira Epstein

A 4-screen, motion graphics presentation that I designed for the Art Institute lobby, featuring student work from a variety of Web Design classes. The goal was to introduce prospective students to the school's multimedia department.

What I make.
Why I make it.
How it's done.

What kind of art?

I am decidedly a multimedia artist: A painter/illustrator, web designer/programmer, graphic designer, motion and sound maker... A cross-roads artist where elements have discussions and collaborate.

The majority of my work has been visual, both screen-based and physical, often incorporating type, mostly 2-D, sometimes static, but often in motion. Much of it has been interactive.

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Why make it?

I love communication and communication design, and I also love out-and-out experimentation. I share art, sell art, and keep art — but at heart, I make it just to make it. Although in recent years web design and illustration have been focal, I remain active in an array of mutually supportive forms.

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I invite opportunities; as an artist I welcome assignments from whatever directions they come and then I dive into the dimensions that each present. In design there's the point to communicate – the message to deliver – yet, as this is pursued, formal, conceptual and technical adventures ensue. Discoveries get made, which is the fun part. So I continue to learn about what art can do, and about how one makes it in an ever-changing world. Concept, communication, investigation, material, technique – each keep the others moving, always going forward, and then further still…